RISE-South Sudan

Hello and welcome! 

We are the first consortium of youth-led and women-led Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) of South Sudan.  We are testing a new model of humanitarian operationalization based on the existing capacities, strengths, ideas, and resources of CBOs in South Sudan. 

Why RISE-South Sudan?

Our Problem Statement

Everyone in the humanitarian community has been talking about localization (i.e. promoting local response to local problems). Yet, in practice, we feel that local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) such as ourselves are not leading  humanitarian responses, coordination, decision-making and funding allocation mechanisms.

Our Vision

South Sudanese Community-Based Organizations play a leading role in humanitarian planning, implementation, coordination, funding allocation, and overall decision-making in South Sudan - a role that enables us to effectively and meaningfully reduce risks and vulnerabilities, and promote resilience in our communities affected by crisis and displacement. 

Our Story

We are a group of youth-led and women-led organizations that joined forces to access more equitably information and opportunities in the humanitarian sector and advance channels in which we can more effectively lead humanitarian processes that concern our communities. We are testing a new model of localized humanitarian operationalization leveraging the existing capacities, strengths, ideas, and resources of CBOs and communities in South Sudan. 

The Changes we are Tackling

1. Changes for the members: We want to enhance the role of CBOs in shaping humanitarian discourses and practice.

2. Changes for the communities: We want to see risks and vulnerabilities reduced, and the resilience of our communities increased.

3. Changes for the humanitarian sector: We want to see a genuine localized humanitarian practice in which CBOs can lead processes that concern their communities.

RISE-South Sudan

We advocate for a paradigm shift in localized humanitarian practice by:

1) Redefining the way humanitarian action is conceptualized, implemented and delivered.
2) Investing in existing local capacities, structures, solutions, and potentials.
3) Promoting individual, community, and systemic resilience to meaningfully reduce risks, vulnerabilities, and eventually needs. 

This is our way to push for the localization agenda for millions of people who can benefit from solutions and services from within our communities.

Our members

RISE-SSD is starting as a pilot with two youth- and people with disabilities- led organizations, and two women-led organizations together with Mindset-PCS as external international technical advisor.  We plan to open applications to other South Sudan-based CBOs in summer 2022, after the completion of our consortium’s pilot phase. 

 Learn more about the inspiring youth-led and women-led CBOs of the RISE-SSD Consortium. 

Our Call to Action

If the values and objectives of RISE-SSD resonate with you, please join our efforts. 

Humanitarian actors:

  • Sign the commitment letter that we will circulate in 2022.
  • Work equitably with RISE-SSD.


  • Engage in dialogue with RISE-SSD on paradigm shift.
  • Support directly RISE-SSD for genuine localization.


  • Join RISE-SSD to think and do humanitarian differently.
  • Share ideas and innovations that can be co-created and piloted by/with RISE-SSD.


  • Support RISE-SDD in building evidence on improved practices on “locally-led localization”.

Other CBOs:

  • In South Sudan, join the consortium and create ‘the power of the number’.
  • Reproduce the model in other humanitarian settings. 

Want to learn more?

Do you have a question for our Consortium? Would you like to learn more about our vision, our work, our projects? Do you want to know how you can join us, get involved, and support our localization cause? We'd love to hear from you and look forward to building good practices in localized humanitarian action with all of you!