Active Youth Agency

  • Vision: AYA envisages an inclusive, enlightened and vibrant society in South Sudan.
  • Mission: AYA aims to empower communities and to build their capacities through advocacy and   socio-economic activities, health, livelihood and civic education programs.
  • Geographic coverage in the consortium: Western Equatoria.
  • Sectors of activities: Integrated protection (GBV child protection, psychosocial support, inclusion of people with disabilities, youth); WASH & public health (including COVID-19); Sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience; Civic education and peacebuilding; Emergency response.
  • Membership status: Green membership group (standard membership); Chairpersonship for 2022.
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Women Advancement Organization

  • Vision: A resilient society with sustainable services.
  • Mission: To reduce illiteracy among women and out of school youth, improve their livelihoods, protect their rights and increase their participation in socio-economic activities.
  • Geographic coverage: Wau Area (Bahr el Ghazal region).
  • Sectors of activities: Gender equality/equity; Education integrated protection (with a focus on GBV and psychosocial support); Sustainable livelihoods and food security; WASH (with a focus on hygiene); Nutrition (with a focus on breastfeeding awareness). 
  • Membership status: Green membership group (standard membership). 
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Sustainable Children Aid

  • Vision: To develop responsible, productive, self-reliant, healthy, and law-abiding citizens.
  • Mission: To empower and educate the marginalized and vulnerable children and youth on the child and human rights issues.
  • Geographic coverage for the consortium: Central Equatoria.
  • Sectors of activities: Integrated protection (with a focus on child protection and GBV); Youth development; Education; Sustainable livelihoods; Emergency response.
  • Membership status: Green membership (standard membership).
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Women Voices for the Vulnerable (WVHV)

  • Vision:  A just, free, self-actualizing and dignified society in South Sudan and beyond. 
  • Mission: To coordinate, facilitate and implement strategies that will improve and save lives of the vulnerable people and youth in both rural and urban societies by restoring hope to the afflicted lives, and empowering communities and youth through provision of humanitarian and development programs based advocacy in areas of Health and Nutrition, GBV Protection & WASH, Education, Agriculture and Peacebuilding. 
  • Geographic Coverage for the consortium: Unity State, Ruwang Administrative Area 
  • Sectors of activities:  Health and Nutrition, GBV Protection & WASH, Empowerment, Education, Sanitation, Agriculture and Peace Building.
  • Membership status: Yellow membership (processing member).
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Women Relief Organization

  • Vision: To serve the needy and vulnerable people through promoting education activities, livelihood support and training to vulnerable women. We have so managed to engage the women in peace building activities through sports. 
  • Mission: To provide humanitarian assistance for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction with particular focus on women sexual & reproductive health, rights, livelihood, education, empowerment, leadership and development. 
  • Geographic Coverage for the consortium:  Upper Nile 
  • Sectors of activities: Peace building & Social Cohesion, Livelihood, Education, GBV, Environmental protection and Research and Development.
  • Membership status: Green membership group (standard membership).
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  • Mission: Offers people-centered solutions aimed to genuinely and effectively reduce risks and vulnerabilities, and eventually needs, and to promote resilience in complex and volatile environments. 
  • Geographic coverage: Global.
  • Sectors of activities: Consulting / Advisory services in humanitarian- development nexus, resilience innovation and localization. 
  • Membership status: Advisory member. 
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